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About Us


What Is ?

We are a website created for one single purpose, to offer proven long-term winning information in the short-term, at a price ALL bettors can afford. It’s a mathematical certainty +EV information puts you in the best position to win today. A proven long-term winner has the greatest potential to win in the short-term and we’ve created a site that ONLY sells +EV moves.

What Moves Are Available Daily?

Our pros have agreed to offer their strongest moves ONLY. Though professional bettors, wiseguys, and betting syndicates place many wagers each week, there are some that present a much greater edge. Those moves are bet for the most money since they win at the highest rate. Only those Big Moves will be made available for daily purchase.

Who Are Pros?

Every pro on the site is a proven long-term winner. Each pro must have a documented long-term record that’s produced a profit. This is the only way to ensure EVERY move released on this site is +EV. If you haven’t proven to be a long-term winner, you are not allowed to sell on this site in the short-term. All our pros have a documented sample size of past results that safeguards against randomness. Every pro is a proven source of winning sports betting information.


Bottom line, for far too long this industry has taken advantage of customers by selling information they know to be -EV. The industry has marketed unprofitable long-term “pros” by promoting their random short-term win streaks. For the most part long-term documented results are not shown or easily accessible to customers because they do not reflect the ability to win long-term. Only a proven long-term winner is +EV in the short-term.

So we’ve decided to create a site which only features proven long-term winners. All of our pros bet the moves they release and all of our pros will only release their BIG MOVES.

Finally, there’s a “daily pick site” which ONLY features winning pros with documented profitable long-term results. Sports betting is becoming more main stream every day and even the most recreational bettor is aware that winning information can only come from proven long-term winners. Winning information is what we have now made readily available. is your source for proven +EV information, a site where every Big Move is documented daily and every pro has turned a long-term profit.

*** If you are a proven long-term profitable bettor or documented winner in a particular sport contact us at to become a pro and offer your BIG MOVES ***