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Beating The Book: Beating The Book: Aaron Schatz, Football Outsiders & NFL MegaPod Divisional Round 2019

Analytics perspective from Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Football
Outsiders, Aaron Schatz, and professional bettor and multiple
handicapping contest champion, Las Vegas Cris, helps tackle the
Divisional Round of the playoffs, with Host Gill Alexander.  

Making his annual NFL postseason appearance with Host GILL ALEXANDER,
now in both Sirius XM satellite radio form on _"A Numbers Game"_ at
_VSiN_ and podcast form here, AARON SCHATZ, Creator and Editor-in-Chief
of _Football Outsiders_ and Insider at _ESPN.com_ offers up his thoughts
on a host of topics, including his team to watch for betting value in
next season's futures markets, based on his advanced metrics.  Then,
D'ANGELO, and -- now out of the sports betting diaspora -- ACE, welcome
Las Vegas Cris, winner of the Wynn Eliminator Contest ($100,000) and
Palms Contest in 2011, and Station Casinos Last Man Standing College
Football Contest in 2016, to break down the Indianapolis Colts at Kansas
City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers at
New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles at New Orleans Saints.
It's Wednesday's Divisional Round edition of BEATING THE BOOK (January
9, 2019).
13:54 Colts @ Chiefs 

26:06 Cowboys @ Rams 

40:46 Chargers @ Patriots 

59:48 Eagles @ Saints