The Big Moves
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Q.- Will I be automatically re charged when my subscription runs out?

A.- NO you will not. We do not automatically re bill. Once your subscription expires you will need to re purchase to continue service. If you are concerned about an interruption in your service

just let us know. You can purchase a new subscription and have the days remaining on your old one added to it.

Q.- How do I access my subscription content?

A.- On desktop: Log in. Click My Account. Under “My Subscription” click the blue subscription number. Under subscription total, click the blue Web Access link.

Scroll down to subscriber only content. You will see either your moves for the day or a message to check back when they are uploaded.

A.- On mobile: Log in. You will see your subscription name or names with a plus sign. Click the plus sign to view your subscriber only content. You will see either your moves for the day or a message to check back when they are uploaded. To minimize click the minus sign.

Q.- How do I access my Big Move?

A.- On desktop: Log in to My Account. Look under recent orders. Click the blue order number. Click the blue Big Move link.

You will see one of two things: Your Big Move or a time to come back when your Big Move is uploaded. If you see a time, just repeat the above steps at that time.

A- On mobile: Log in. Under My Big Moves you will see your Big Move with a plus sign. Click the plus sign. You will see either your Big Move or a time to come back when your Big Move is uploaded.

Q.- Do I need to be signed it to my account to get my picks?

A.- Yes

Q.- I forgot the password to login to my account. What do I do?

A.- If you cannot login to your account, you can reset your password here:

Q.- Do I need to sign up to The Big Moves to buy?

A.- Yes. You only need to sign up once and then when you visit again you just log in to your account.

Q.- When is my Big Move available?

A.- As soon as you purchase, you have access to your Big Move link.

Keep in mind that you may need to check back depending on what time the Big Move is uploaded, but you have access immediately.

Q.- Do I need to reply STOP to stop receiving texts?

A.- NO. Once your subscription runs out you won’t receive texts. Also if you text STOP it will carry on to future purchases. If you re purchase another subscription in the future

you will have to text START to 844-987-1033 to begin receiving texts again.

Q.- My order says processing what does that mean?

A.- Nothing. The minute you pay your Big Move link is available.

Q.- Why can’t I see yesterday’s order?

A.- Once the game starts the Big Move disappears. You will still be able to see what you purchased by clicking your order number, however you will no longer see a blue Big Move link.

Q.- Are the pros records documented?

A.- Yes. All Big Moves are documented daily on the pro’s page.

Q.- If I purchased more than one Big Move are they in the same Big Move link?

A.- No. Each purchased Big Move has it’s own individual link.

Q.- Can I access my Big Move through my email?

A.- No. You must log in to your account to access your Big Move.

Q.- When is my Big Move posted?

A.- Your access to your Big Move is available as soon as you purchase, but will be available to view as soon as the individual pro posts it.

Since we only release our pros biggest moves, times can vary from game to game.

Q.- When does my Big Move become unavailable?

A.- All Big Moves come down after the game starts.

Q.- How do I take advantage of the 15% off special?

A.- To receive the 15% off you must purchase two or more subscriptions in the same transaction.

To do this, simply add one subscription to your cart then hit the “continue shopping” button.

You can now add the second subscription to your cart and so on.

The 15% will deduct from your total at the time of check out.

Q.- Can I purchase more than one Big Move at a time in the same transaction?

A.- Yes. You can purchase as many as are available. Just click the “continue shopping” button to add more.

Once you click buy you will be directed to the View Cart page to check out.

Q.- Will every pro have a Big Move for sale every day?

A.- No. We only release our pros biggest moves and they can vary from day to day.

Q.- If I purchase a particular pro’s Big Move do I have access to all his moves that day?

A.- No. You have access to the Big Move/s in the package you purchased.

Q.- After I log in to the site, the site logs me out for no reason. Why is this happening?

A.- This site uses cookies which is data exchanged between our website and your browser. Cookies must be allowed on your phone’s browser or computer’s browser in order for you to use the site.

If you are still experiencing problems, please clear your computer’s browser cache and cookies. If you access the site by phone, please also clear your phone’s browser cache and cookies.

Log back in to the site and you should be able to see your moves. If you are still having problems, please contact us here:

Q.- How to “pin” as an icon on your smartphone’s home screen.

A.- You can pin an icon for to your smartphone’s home screen for ease of access.

  • Android
    • Open in Chrome.
    • If you tap on the Chrome menu button, there will be an “Add to homescreen” option.
    • Click “Add to homescreen”.
    • You now have a homescreen icon for
  • iOS
    • Launch the Safari app.
    • Connect to
    • Tap on the Share button.
    • Tap on Add to Home Screen.
    • Enter and click Add.
    • You now have a homescreen icon for