The Big Moves
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Now “21-11” (66%) on NFLX PREMIUMS Overall in 2018

“6-1” (86%) on $750+ PREMIUM MOVES (Strongest Bets) 

NFAC IS ON FIRE, but more importantly…

After turning a PROFIT for subscribers in 2015, 2016, & 2017, NFAC +  @Greek_Gambler (VR) are UP more money in less than 8 months than any prior winning year..We still have the entire NFL & CFB Seasons ahead and MLB Playoffs are just around the corner. Please feel free to check out @TheBIGMoves on Twitter for Updated Documented Results, FREE Plays, Market Updates, Steam Moves, & More.

I love “Hot Streaks” as much as any bettor, what matters most of all is whether or not you’re profitable long-term, over a statistically significant sample size. Even losing bettors will experience “random” short-term winning streaks, so make sure you’re gathering information from proven long-term winners to truly put yourself in a position to join the 1% of bettors who beat the books for money long-term.



Please CHECK OUT our BET SIZING & MONEY MANAGEMENT BLOG POST to see how we rate & bet our Premium moves.

Below are NFAC Premium Subscribers’ Documented Results for 2018 to Date…



Using $10-$100 Bet Sizing on Premiums                  

Starting Bank = $2,000 (1-1-18)

Current Bank = $6,643 (8-24-18)

2018 PROFIT = +$4,643 (+230% RETURN)

{90% of Bets Placed Were to Win Only $50}

Without Needing to Win Every Bet, Day, Week, or even Month – We simply allow our EDGE to do it’s thing just like the “house” does.



To celebrate this amazing 2018 and give more sports bettors the opportunity to turn a profit right alongside us, is offering a 25% OFF SPECIAL thru Sunday at Midnight.

And though we haven’t confirmed any big bets for tonight’s UFC in Lincoln or Boxing, we did release a few of Premium moves to go with Saturday’s NFLX, CFB. & MLB Premium cards. As our way to say Thank You for all the support, we’ve shared them below. Whether you follow or fade, I hope you all DO DAMAGE.



1.) D FIGUEIREDO -160…($500) via Pinnacle (Cantor & Greek Using -155)

2.) J KRAUSE +395…($500) via BetBuckeyeSports (Released to Subscribers Last Week)

3.)  I ALCANTARA +185…($500) via Pinnacle


NFAC PREMIUMS : BOXING (WBO Lightweight Title)

1.) J PEDRAZA -115…($500) via Pinnacle



D DOBER (Price too high to warrant Premium bet)

B BARBERENA (Price too high to warrant Premium bet)



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*** Only Available thru Sunday 8-26-18 on 1-3-6 Month Subscriptions)