The Big Moves
All Results Documented ~ No Stale Lines Ever

The Pros


“NFAC” – “NOT F*CKING AROUND CREW !!! That was the acronym Gianni “The Greek” Karalis (Ace, VR, Vegas-Runner) gave to the many wiseguys & betting syndicates he’s placed wagers & provided betting accounts for. These proven long-term winners continue to find value and get their money down knowing their edge
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Though 99% of sports bettors lose money long-term, including “pick services”, there are 1% professional movers, runners, bettors, and handicappers who make their living beating the bookmakers, that do not want to be “profiled” as advantage players by bookmakers. They place the majority of their wagers through off-screen shops and make being
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The Prop Shop

If you want to know where sportsbooks are most vulnerable and have the least amount of confidence in their lines, simply look at the betting limits. Though sportsbooks have a “built in” edge by way of the “vig”, when they impose low betting limits on certain wagers, it’s an admission of being
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NHL Crew

Few sharp and serious bettors would argue that when it comes to the NHL, there’s a single crew that’s dominating the betting market. Since joining forces with well known NHL wiseguy “The Canadian”, this crew is without a doubt the most respected when it comes to wagering on the NHL. In fact,
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