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If you were a subscribers of NFAC in 2014 you beat your bookies for over $12,000 by following the blueprint exactly. If you’ve been a subscriber of NFAC in 2015, you’re up over $16,000 on your bookies and still have 2 months to add more profit to that figure. And if you’ve been a subscriber of NFAC for the last 422 days, you’ve won over $36,000 from your bookies.

Though all of this is documented and fact, the bottom line is this…if you are NOT up on your bookies using our information, we need to help change that now.

The truth is we will NOT win every bet, day, week, or even every month because even with winning information there is randomness involved when the sample size is small. But as we’ve proven by turning a profit year after year, over a statistically significant sample size we are a mathematical certainty to turn a profit.

The reason for that is simple, when you have an edge beyond a shadow of a doubt, that edge will materialize and ultimately result in profit. That’s a fact the sports books can’t do anything about…if you use this winning information the way the 1% does.


So why doesn’t everyone who’s ever purchased information from NFAC or been a subscriber turned a profit ??

The real reason can be the result of a few different factors…

#1.) The sample size of moves was too small to have statistical significance.

#2.) Your bankroll couldn’t handle the negative fluctuations that are going to happen even during the most profitable years.

#3.) You didn’t manage your bankroll efficiently, meaning you didn’t stick to the recommended bet sizes based on YOUR own bankroll.

#4 )You didn’t use the information like it’s intended, by strictly placing straight bets with the occasional exotic when confirmed.

#5) You placed too many -EV wagers throughout your subscription therefore wiping out any edge…such as betting on MNF even when we have no Premium move.


Our #1 goal is to try and ensure our supporters, subscribers, and clients use this very rare +EV information to turn a profit and become a part of the 1% of bettors who truly win money wagering on sports. We are 100% confident and have proven that we have the ability to arm you with winning information that will produce a profit in the long term. We are 100% confident that if you follow our recommended bet size and base it on the size of your own bankroll, the information provided via Premium Moves will have you UP on your bookies. Something less than 1% of bettors can say and prove.

What we can not control is when you choose to jump in or out, whether you manage your bankroll as we recommend, and whether you truly want to be a part of the 1% who win. Because to do so you must continue to approach this venture like the 1% does each day.

We are able to offer bettors something so few truly can, and we’ve more than proven it by documenting our results and making our history available. We offer real +EV moves from one of the most profitable crews on the planet, NFAC. We urge you to use this information correctly. You owe it to yourself to at least try to join the 1% after paying your dues like so many of us have before really doing it right and treating it like a business so that it pays us like one.

Simply put, if you bet on sports you can’t afford NOT to know what the real +EV moves are that one of the most profitable crews is betting daily. Whether you’re an efficient handicapper/sports bettor yourself and are sharp enough to know winning information when you see it and you use us as a source…or whether you don’t have the time to put in yourself and instead piggy-back our moves to beat your bookies.

The bottom line is this, we WILL provide you with winning information. We WILL produce a profit over a statistically significant sample size like we’ve done year after year. We WILL continue to arm you with the sharpest, most profitable, +EV moves that have ever been made available to even the most casual of bettors.

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