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Besides gaining access to proven long-term winning information, which our Premium subscribers have already done, the single most important factor which determines whether or not you turn a profit is “Money Management”. In fact, though more than 1% of sports bettors have access to winning information, 99% of sports bettors lose money long-term…and lack of wagering to win is the main reason.


Now I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news…


First, the bad news. Regardless of winning percentage (unless it’s 100%), if you do not manage your bet size and bankroll correctly you’re a mathematical certainty to lose money. That’s correct, although the most respected & profitable wiseguys on the planet aim for 55%-58% winners long-term, even 80% winners won’t be enough to stop you from losing money long-term if you don’t employ proper money management.


Second, the good news. If you have access to proven long-term winning information you are also mathematical certainty, to turn a profit and beat the books. That’s a fact, as long as you bet in a manner which allows you to overcome the inevitable negative stretches that are guaranteed to occur even during the most profitable seasons & years…you become a lock to be in the 1% who turn profit betting sports if you’ve got access to proven long-term winning info.


Now I’m sure you’ve all heard the misconception that “professional bettors” wager 1%, 2%, or 1* to 3*, etc (depending on confidence) of their bankrolls per play…nothing could be further from the truth. I’m not saying there aren’t winning bettors who employ different approaches with success, instead what I am saying is that real “wiseguys”, the betting syndicates that actually move lines and books fear most do NOT follow that recipe. In fact it would be impossible for them to do so because when a particular group sends out a buy-order, they have no idea how many of their movers will be able to find the line they’re looking for, or how much they’ll be able to get down. Especially with those late moves which get executed 5 minutes before game-time.


What wiseguys do is almost exactly what winning card counters do, they size their bets in relation to their edge (value). And rest assured when they conclude they’ve got a position offering up a ton of value, these betting syndicates unload. Because the only thing worse than betting too much, is betting too little when you’re getting the best of it. With that said, these groups are extremely well funded and can always replenish their bankrolls…and these bankrolls are so large that many times even their strongest positions end up being only a fraction of a percent of their overall bank.


This should make perfect sense when you consider on a normal Saturday of College Football, your average winning betting syndicate places upwards of 40+ wagers (w/ 1st Halfs, 2nd Half, etc). So after spending over 10 years in the “pick selling industry”, and the last 4 years moving money once again for the most respected & profitable betting syndicates in each sport, with the help of some very sharp people, we’ve come up with a money-management & bet sizing system to employ at…which we are confident puts our subscribers in the very best position to profit long-term right alongside our Premium sources.


By not releasing 40+ plays on a Saturday, and instead narrowing down those bets with the greatest edge, we’ve found this system to put subscribers in the best position to have financial success. EVERY Premium source at has turned a profit since launching…and there is absolutely no reason why you won’t either if you stay the course and not gamble.


You see, no matter if you are running hot or cold in the short-term, the key is to NOT adjust bet size in an attempt to “chase” or “make a score”. Instead, after choosing your bet sizes based on bankroll size, we urge you to stick to them through good & bad. You owe it to yourself to make it as difficult as possible for the bookies to take your hard earned money and as our results prove, if you “treat it like a business, it will ultimately pay you like a business”. And once you have a few profitable years behind you, all of the pressure is gone and you know it’s always only a matter of time before you take your bookies money.





We begin each year (JANUARY 1st) with a $20,000 Starting Bankroll (to bet size & track results)


We Bet Size (Rate) our Premium releases from $100-$1,000 (based on strength of bet)..

Simply put, we use a 1x to 10x “Bet Spread” on our Premiums to allow any size bankroll to follow along if they choose.


For example, a $2,000 Starting Bankroll would employ the same “1x to 10x” Bet Sizing ($10-$100) :

$500 Premium = $50 Bet

$750 Premium = $75 Bet

$1,000 Premium = $100 Bet.


*** All bets on FAVS are placed to Win Premium amount – All bets on DOGS are placed as Flat Premium amount ***



$5,000 Starting Bankroll would use $25-$250 (Same 1x to 10x Bet Spread) –


$1,000 starting bankroll would use $5-$50 (Same 1x to 10x Bet Spread)



So as you can see regardless of starting bankroll size, a bettor can employ the exact same bet spread our Premium sources have used to turn a profit every single year since we’ve launched. It’s afforded each the opportunity to survive any negative stretch, while also maximizing profits when running hot. Because the main goal is to give your edge the chance to overcome short-term variance, which is a part of the process that can’t be avoided.


Bottom line, nothing is more bothersome than hearing a subscriber wasn’t able to turn a profit using our information…especially when the information has been documented and proven profitable. With that said, we try to always keep it real with you which is why we make sure to inform you that we will NOT win every bet, day, week, or even every month…because that would be defying probability and that’s not what we aim to do. Rather, we have put ourselves in position to receive and be able to share the sharpest betting information available from legit long-term winners.


Finally, whether you choose to follow our money management approach or one that works for you, all we want is to see you win so use whatever is in your own best interest, and whatever you believe will give you the best chance to reach your individual goals. But no matter what you choose, we highly recommend you stick to it and give yourself the greatest opportunity to beat the books. There is nothing they like more than seeing a bettor who’s inconsistent with bet sizes, knowing it’s only a matter of time before it costs them.


We suggest you try it, even if only for a number of months just to see your results. At the very least, you’ll cut down on stress and sleep a lot better…because if any single game’s result, day’s result, week’s result, or month’s result matters much, it’s almost guaranteed you’re betting way too much for your bankroll and the result will eventually resemble those from past mistakes.




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